Fundamentally Human

Growing up, mental health was never taught to be a priority and having any sort of negative emotion or feeling low was a sign of weakness. Each episode of Fundamentally Human aims to address mental health topics in an easy-to-understand way by breaking down misconceptions, utilizing a biopsychosocial approach, learning strategies, and exploring new perspectives with guests.

New episodes are released every other Monday.

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Episode 1 - Shifting Resolutions to Intentions
Episode 2 - Being Kind to Yourself with Self-Compassion
Episode 3 - Work-Life Integration with Abby Ma
Episode 4 - Reframing Negative Automatic Thoughts with Jennifer Lee
Episode 5 - Navigating Online Hate with Twitch Streamer kireiautumn
Episode 6 - Imposter Syndrome with YouTuber ElaineMokk
Episode 7 - Debunking Misconceptions About Therapy with Cam Wharram
Episode 8 - Building Resilience with Enoch Weng
Episode 9 - Addictions and Substance Use with Mike Pond
Episode 10 - Anxiety and Depression with Ashley Greensmyth
Episode 11 - Living with ADHD with Megan Fass & David Kuang
Episode 12 - Working with Schizophrenic Individuals with Newvick Lee
Episode 13 - Bipolar Disorder with Julia Cottrelle
Episode 14 - Understanding Suicide with Joanne Yiu
Episode 15 - Know Your Why with KoDoRiN
Episode 16 - Barriers to Mental Health Treatment for Asian Communities with Mari del Casal
Episode 17 - What the Endless Pursuit of Perfection Does to You
Episode 18 - Life After an Accident with Ovey Yeung
Episode 19 - Staying Balanced and Mindful
Episode 20 - Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Episode 21 - Reflections of My First Months as a Psychotherapist Intern
Episode 22 - Generational Gaps with Hollie Ha
Episode 23 - What Does "Normal" Mean?
Episode 24 - Driving After 9 Years & Exposure Therapy
Episode 25 - Parasocial Relationships with Yoojin
Episode 26 - Overcoming Taboos with Disabilities with Jason Hsieh
Episode 27 - Trials of a New Dad with Kenald Yu
Episode 28 - Is Therapy Worth It? with ElaineMokk
Episode 29 - Finished My Master's Degree!
Episode 30 - What To Do When You Don't Wanna Do Anything
Episode 31 - How to Reframe Difficult Situations
Episode 32 - How Double Standards Look For Different People with Shane Rogers
Episode 33 - Finding Our Identities with Kristy Yee & Angie Yu (Shit We Don't Tell Mom)
Episode 34 - Living a Meaningful and Fulfiling Life with Paul Singh
Episode 35 - Accepting the Different with Daniel Zhang
Episode 36 - Exploring Guilt and Regret in Grief with Cordelia Mejin
Episode 37 - Where Is My Syllabus For Life? with Dr. Tara Sanderson
Episode 38 - I am Exhausted of Taking Care of People
Episode 39 - How to Spot and Manage Burnout with Shannon Heers
Episode 40 - How Mental Health Stigma Affects Men with Chris Campassi
Episode 41 - What's Different About Coaching and Therapy? with David Greenwalt
Episode 42 - How Childhood Has Influenced Your Choices with Nicolette Bidlingmeyer
Episode 43 - My First Triathlon
Episode 44 - Let's Talk About Pronouns with Carmelle Jaeggle
Episode 45 - Female Rivalry Behaviours with Dr. Amber Tichenor
Episode 46 - The Other Side of Divorce: How It Was the Better Choice with Cody Packer
Episode 47 - How We've Changed in Our 20s with Cassandre Quan
Episode 48 - Why Eating Healthy is Hard with Chanel Huynh
Episode 49 - Stop Letting Motivation Dictate Your Life with Kamini Wood
Episode 50 - How Trauma Impacts Our Brain with Dr. Jenny King
Episode 51 - How Our Brain Health Impacts Our Mental Health with Farah Qureshi
Episode 52 - How to Creat a Supportive Environment Around You with Jamie Bower

Music: Faithful Mission by Artificial.Music